Add a Note

You can add custom notes, such as comments or instructions, to enhance your collection.

  1. From the Collections homepage, click the Private tab, and do one of the following:
    • If you are creating a collection, click Add icon..
    • If you want to add a note to an existing collection, open that collection, and then click Add icon. in the bottom-right corner of the collection.
  2. On the Add Item page, click Note.
  3. Enter a title and note in the appropriate fields.

    Add Note tab with title and description fields.

    Note: To hide this note from student view, click the Appropriate for All Users toggle to For Instructor Use Only.

  4. Click Add. The note appears in your collection.

    Collection that includes a note.


  • Notes are highlighted in yellow.
  • There is no limit for how much text you can have in a note.
  • If you try to add a note (with the same title) that you previously added to your collection, a message asks if you want to add it again.