Attach standards to a collection

You can attach a standard to any collection you own. Choose among state, national, and Canadian Provincial standards that support your curriculum. You can even search for other collections aligned to a particular standard.


  • Site administrators choose which standards to display.

    In the header, do one of the following (depending on how the user experience is set up at your district):
    • Select Applications icon. > Discover Admin > Educational Standards.
    • Select More > Admin > Educational Standards.

    Select the desired standards, and then click Save.

  • Only users with Administrator, Instructor, Faculty, and Staff roles can attach standards to a collection.
  • Standards are set manually by individual users. Follett does not verify the accuracy of standards attached to collections.
  • You can only attach a standard to a collection, not an individual item within a collection.

To assign a standard to a collection:

  1. On the PRIVATE tab, select the collection you want to assign a standard to.
  2. On the collection image (not an item image), select More Options icon. > Standards. The Standards pop-up appears.

    Standards pop-up.

  3. From the AUTHORITY drop-down, select a state or national standard.
  4. From the SUBJECTS drop-down, select your desired subject.


    • Selecting an AUTHORITY and SUBJECTS enables keyword searching for standards.
    • For ISTE and AASL Standards, select AUTHORITY > National Standards. Choose one of these options from the SUBJECTS drop-down.

  5. From the GRADES drop-down, select your desired grade. A list of available standards appears.
  6. To see more specific standards, click Expand Menu icon. to expand the list.

    Standards pop-up with options to attach standards.

    Note: You can filter additional standards by selecting a course from the COURSES drop-down, or by typing a term in the Search field.

  7. Click Attach standard icon. in the row of the standard you want to attach to your collection. It appears in the Attached Standards list on the left side of the page.


    • To remove a standard, under Attached Standards, click the tag. Or, click Remove standard icon. from the list of standards.
    • The standards options you select remain in the fields until you change or remove them.

To search by standard:

  1. From the Collections homepage, open the collection with the standard you want to search.
  2. At the bottom-left corner of the collection, click the desired standard.

    Note: Only the first five standards appear. To see all standards attached to a collection, click Show All. Or, to return to the original list, click Show Less.

    A collection with standards attached.

    Collections containing that specific standard appear.

    Search results page with collections that have the same standard attached.

    Note: Search results include your school, district, and public collections, along with a user's private collections.