Copy or delete a collection

You can copy or delete a collection if you want to modify its contents or remove it.


  • You can only delete a collection that you created, unless you are an administrator. Users with Administrator roles can delete any collection at their site.
  • Deleting a collection is permanent. It cannot be undone.

  1. Find and open the collection you want to work with.
  2. On the collection image, select More Options icon. > Copy or Delete.
    • If you choose Copy, a pop-up lets you complete the details for that collection. Make any edits, and then click Save.

      Copy a collection pop-up.

      Note: A collection's cover image will not copy over to a new collection. You will have to add the image again, or upload your own custom image.

    • If you choose Delete, a message lets you know that you are about to delete your collection.