Copy, move, rearrange, or delete items

Organize and arrange your resources in a way that best fits your needs. You can rearrange, move, copy, and delete items.


  • You can only change the position of items in a collection you created or copied.
  • You can only move or delete items from a collection you created or a public collection that you copied and saved under the PRIVATE tab.
  • You can copy items from a public collection to add to your own collection.
  • If you uploaded a custom resource image, it will not copy over to another collection. You will have to add the image to the item again.

  1. Find and open the collection containing the item you want to work with.
  2. On the item, click More Options icon., and then select one of the following:
    • Edit (see Edit an item's details).
    • Change Position moves an item to a specific order in your collection. Type a number representing where you want to move the item to, and then click Move Item.
    • Move to... sends an item to another collection. When you move an item, it disappears from the original collection.
      Note: You can only move an item if you have more than one collection.
    • Copy to... copies an item into another collection while keeping it in the original collection.
    • Delete removes the item from the collection.

    Item options, including Edit, Change Position, Move to, Copy to, and Delete.