Create a Collection Set

A collection set can hold one or more collections, as well as individual items. You can create and add collections to a set, then share them with anyone, anywhere. Organize resources by topic, unit, lesson and more.

You can distinguish collection sets from other collections on your homepage by the nesting cards.


  • On the Private tab, collection sets appear at the top of your list.
  • Only owners/collaborators can add a collection to a collection set.

Private tab that shows collection sets.

To create a collection set:

  1. From the Collections homepage, select Private.
  2. Select the collection you want to add one or more collections to.
  3. At the bottom-right corner of the collection, click Add icon..
  4. On the Add Item page, click Collections.

    Add item page with Collections tab

  5. In the collections list, select the checkbox(es) next to the collection(s) you want to add to your set.

    Collections tab with a list of collections to choose from.


    • To return to the collection set when you are viewing a collection within that set, click the breadcrumb below the collection image.

      Collection cover image with a breadcumb to return to collection set.

    • You can also add items to any collection set by clicking Add icon. in the bottom-right corner of the collection.
    • To remove an item or collection from a collection set, in the desired item or collection's header, select More Options icon. > Remove. If you remove a collection from a set, it only removes it from the set (not your collections).
    • If you delete a collection, it is deleted from all sets that include that collection.
    • If you add a private collection to a collection set that has a visibility of Your School, District or Public, users will not be able to view the private collection within that set unless they are collaborators of that collection.
    • When you remove a collaborator from a collection, they will no longer see that collection in their sets.