Edit a collection's details

You can edit a collection if you are the owner, site administrator, or have edit permissions. Change the title, description, visibility, grades, subjects, image, and color.

  1. Find and open the collection you want to edit.
  2. On the collection image, select More Options icon. > Edit. A pop-up lets you edit the details for that collection.

    Edit collection pop-up.

  3. Do any of the following:
    • To change the title or description, click in the appropriate field.
    • To change the visibility, select the option you want.

      Note: Visibility is based on the viewer's location. A shared collection created by someone at your school appears on your school carousel. A shared collection created by someone in your district, but not your school, appears on your district carousel.

    • To edit grades or subjects, click the GRADE/SUBJECT tab. Then, click the appropriate tags to select or deselect the desired options.

      Note: Selecting tags provides more details about your collection and makes it easier to find when you perform a search.

    • To edit an image or color, click the IMAGE/COLOR tab.

      • To change the collection image, select a stock image or click UPLOAD IMAGE to add your own.


        • Only users with Administrator, Instructor, Faculty, and Staff roles can upload a custom collection image.
        • You can only upload a custom image for your own collection.
        • To resize the image, move the scroll bar left or right until the image fits in the window. The preferred image size is a minimum of 600 x 400 pixels.

      • To choose a color for your collection, click the desired swatch.

Note: You can return to your collection at any time by clicking Save.