Edit an Item's Details

Do you want to change how an item appears in your collection? You can edit the details of an individual item in any collection you create.

Note: To edit items from a public collection, you must copy and save the collection first. Then, you can modify the items in the copied collection under the Private tab.

  1. On the Collections homepage, open the collection containing the item you want to edit.
  1. In the item's footer, select More Options icon. > Edit. The Edit Resource page appears.

    Edit Resource page with options to edit an item's title, type, description and tags.

  2. For Step 1, Title/Description, do one of the following:
    • To change its Title, Type or Description, click in the appropriate field.

      Note: An item's description is automatically pulled from its source, and therefore might include inaccurate characters. Edit it as needed.

    • To delete a Tag, click the desired tag to remove it.
    • To add a Tag, click in the new tag field to type your text, and then clickAdd Tag icon..


      • When you type in the new tag field, tag suggestions appear. Only tags that have been used by Administrator, Instructor, Faculty and Staff roles at your school appear as suggestions.
      • Once you add an item to your collection, click a tag to automatically search Destiny Discover for other resources based on that topic.
      • You can perform a keyword search in Destiny Discover for any auto-populated tags or new tags you add to an item.
      • Tags are only clickable for authenticated users. If you share a link with a non-Destiny user, they will not be able to click on the tags.

  3. To hide this item from student view, click the Appropriate for All Users toggle to For Instructor Use Only.


    • Only users with Administrator, Instructor, Faculty and Staff roles can see the toggle.
    • When an item is marked "For Instructor Use Only", its footer is blue and displays For instructor use only. Users with student roles cannot see this item in the collection.
    • You can move an item in and out of instructor use at any time.

  4. Click Save. Or, click Image or Continue to move to Step 2.
  5. For Step 2, Image, do one of the following:
    • To change the image, click Upload. Then, select the desired image from your computer.
    • Drag and drop an image from your computer into the box.


      • To resize your image, use the scroll bar to make it smaller or larger.
      • To change which part of the image appears, click on it and use the four-pointed arrow to drag it to the desired position.

  6. After you make your changes, click Save.


  • Only users with Administrator, Instructor, Faculty and Staff roles can upload a custom resource image.
  • You can only upload a custom resource image for items in your own collection.
  • If you want to return to the original image, you have to delete the item and add it again.
  • If you copy the item to another collection, you have to upload the custom resource image again. It will not automatically copy over with the item.