Explore Classroom Ready Collections

Classroom Ready Collections (CRCs) is an add-on subscription to Collections by Destiny. If your school subscribes to CRCs, you can search for pre-made collections aligned to state, national, and Canadian Provincial standards.

CRCs are available on the Featured tab. If you don't see any collections on the Classroom Ready carousel, you can subscribe to the subjects and grade levels you want.


  • The Classroom Ready carousel only shows if the Featured tab is enabled for a specific role(s).
  • Site administrators choose which standards they want to display for CRCs.

    In the header, do one of the following (depending on how the user experience is set up at your district):
    • Select Applications icon. > Discover Admin > Educational Standards.
    • Select More > Admin > Educational Standards.

    Select the desired standards, and then click Save.

Curated by Follett's team of K-12 classroom educators, CRCs include the following open educational resources:

  • Lesson plans
  • Videos
  • Activities
  • Assessments
  • And more

With CRCs, you can search by standard, share a collection, and copy items. Teachers can use them to supplement their lessons.

CRCs are available in four subject areas – Science, Social Studies, English Language Arts, and Social and Emotional Learning.

Classroom Ready Collections ribbon on the Featured tab.


  • You must be logged in to Destiny and have a subscription to see CRCs.
  • All resources in CRCs are checked nightly. If a website becomes inactive, the resource is removed.
  • A brief summary of the standards aligned to a particular collection appears inside the collection.
  • CRCs appear in both Collections and Destiny Discover search results for most roles. Site administrators can disable access for a specific role.

    Do one of the following (depending on how the user experience is set up at your district):
    • Select Applications icon. > Discover Admin > Collections Policies.
    • Select More > Admin > Collections Policies.

    Under Can View...Featured Collections, deselect the checkbox for the desired role(s), and then click Save.

To access Classroom Ready Collections:

  1. From the Collections homepage, click the FEATURED tab.
  2. On the Classroom Ready carousel, click the desired subject and grade level. For example, Science and Middle School.
  3. Select the collection you want to view.

    Classroom Ready Collection for middle school science.


  • Click the link on any item to open the webpage in a new window.
  • Some items might be marked "For Instructor Use Only". Only users with Administrator, Instructor, Faculty, and Staff roles can see these items.

To search by standard:

  1. Open the desired collection.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • To search for other collections with the same standard attached, click the Standards tag on the bottom-left corner of the page.
    • To search for other resources with the same standard attached, click the Standards tag at the bottom of the item.

      CRC with standards tags for the collection and individual items.

      Note: Only the first five standards appear. To see all standards attached to a CRC or item, click Show All. Or, to return to the original list, click Show Less.

Results appear on either the COLLECTIONS or ITEMS tab, depending on the standard you selected.

Search results page with CRCs that have the same standards attached.

Note: To narrow your search results, click Filter icon..

To share a collection:

  1. On the FEATURED tab, find and open the collection you want to share.
  2. On the collection image, click Share Collection icon.. The Share Collection pop-up appears.

    Share collection pop-up with options to copy and post link to Google Classroom or send in an email.

  3. Click Google Classroom icon. to post to Google Classroom, or click Email icon. to email a view-only link.


  • You can only share Classroom Ready Collections with people at your school. To see a CRC, you must be logged in to your Destiny account and have a subscription.
  • To create a PDF of all the resources in the collection, select More Options icon.> Create PDF.

To copy an item:

  1. On the item, select More Options icon. > Copy to....
  2. Choose a collection from the list to send the item to. A message lets you know the item has been copied.


  • You can only copy an item to a collection you own.
  • When you copy an item from a CRC to a collection, the standards do not copy over with it.