Import a Resource List

You can import a Resource List from Destiny into a new or existing collection.


  • Co-owners of a Resource List in Destiny are no longer co-owners of that list once it is imported to Collections.
  • The IMPORT option only appears if you are assigned to an access level with the permission to create Resource Lists in Destiny, along with an Administrator, Faculty, Instructor, or Staff role in Collections.
  • Your Destiny site must be connected with the Follett Digital Platform to import a Resource List. For more information, see Destiny Back Office Help.
  • A Resource List cannot be imported into a new or existing collection if it has more than 100 items.
  • You can only import Resource Lists that you own. To import a public Resource List that you do not own, you must copy it before you can import it.
  • If you have permission to create Resource Lists in Destiny and do not see the Import Resource List drop-down, it is due to an invalid SSL Certificate. In the browser address bar, check your connection. If it is not secure, contact Follett Technical Support.

    Web browser message that says site's connection is not secure.

  • When you import a Resource List, call numbers are automatically included for Destiny Discover resources. You must have Destiny 16.0 to see call numbers for Resource Lists.
  • Because Destiny does not pass QR code link information to Collections, a QR image is not generated. Collections only receives QR code information when Destiny resources are added to Collections through Destiny Discover.

To import a Resource List into a new collection:

  1. On the PRIVATE tab, click Create Collection +.
  2. On the TITLE/DESCRIPTION tab, click the Import Resource List drop-down.

    Title/Description tab with the Import Resource List drop-down highlighted.

  3. Select the Resource List you want to import. Its name and description, if available, appear in the appropriate fields.

    Create a Collection pop-up with Resource List details.


    • If the Resource List does not have a description, you can type it in the field.
    • Select the desired visibility for your collection.

  4. Click Create Collection. Your new collection appears with the items from your Resource List.

To import a Resource List into an existing collection:

  1. On the PRIVATE tab, find and open the collection you want to import a Resource List to.
  2. In the bottom-right corner, click Add Item icon..
  3. Click the IMPORT tab.

    Add Item pop-up with Import tab.

  4. Select the Resource List you want to add. Its name appears in the drop-down.
  5. Click Add. The resources from your list appear in your collection.

Note: When you import a Resource List into an existing collection, its title and description do not copy over. The collection maintains its original title and description.