Report Abuse

If you see something in a collection that is abusive, offensive or inappropriate, use the report abuse feature to notify the appropriate staff member in your school or district.

Abuse evaluators review and have the option of removing any items they feel should not be displayed publicly.


  • At least one abuse evaluator needs to be set up in your school/district before users can submit an abuse report to a staff member. In the Collections header, select Main Menu icon. > Admin > Collections Policies, enter one or two email addresses in the fields, and then click Save.
  • Any collections user can be an abuse evaluator as long as they have a Destiny login and Collections access.
  • Abuse evaluator(s) receive an email message whenever an abuse report is submitted.

    Abuse evaluation page with fields for one or two email addresses.

To report abuse:

  1. On the Collections homepage, open the collection containing the offensive or inappropriate item.
  2. In the item's footer, select More Options icon. > Report Abuse.
  3. On the Report Abuse page, choose the option that best describes the problem. You can also enter a description in the field.

    Report Abuse page with options for selecting a problem and entering a description.

  4. Click Send. An email is sent to the appropriate staff member.

To review an abuse report (abuse evaluators only):

  1. In the email you received, click the Evaluate Reported Item link. You will go directly to the reported item in the collection.

    Email message with hyperlink to abusive item.

  2. In the reported item's footer, click More Options icon.. Three options appear.

    Abusive item with options to copy, ignore or delete.

  3. Do one of the following:
    • To copy the item to another collection, click Copy to.
    • To leave the item in the collection, click Ignore Reported Abuse.
    • To remove the item from the collection, click Delete Reported Item.


  • Once you delete a reported item, it is permanently removed from the collection.
  • The owner of the collection can see when items have been removed by viewing their activity.