Search or Filter Items in a Collection

Do you just want to see one or a few types of resources? You can search by keyword, or filter items in a collection to find what you want, quickly and easily.

  1. On the Collections homepage, select Public or Private.
  2. Open a collection, and then click Filter. A Filter menu appears.

    Filter menu within a collection.

  3. Do either or both of the following:
    • Enter a keyword in the Search field, and then press Enter. A list of items appear.
    • Select the checkboxes next to the desired material types. Items in the collection automatically refresh to reflect your choices.


    • You can also search by tags to see a list of items related to a particular grouping. For example, if you enter pluto in the Search field, only items that include the tag pluto will appear in your filtered list.
    • If you have the appropriate permissions, you can filter items in a collection that are "Approved for All Users" or "For Instructor Use Only".
    • At any time, click Clear All to view the complete list of items in the collection.
    • To exit the Filter menu, click Back icon., or click anywhere on the page.
    • Below the collection image, click the owner's name to see all of their collections.