Share a collection via Google Classroom

You can share your collection on Google Classroom™.


  • You have to set up your own Google Drive™ and Google Classroom accounts to be able to share your collection on Google Classroom.
  • Any user can share a public collection via email, Google Classroom, or by copying/pasting a view-only link.

  1. On the PRIVATE tab, select the collection you want to share.
  2. Below the collection image, click Share Collection icon. to choose your share settings.

    Share Collection pop-up.

  3. On the LINK tab, select one of the following:
    • Anyone with a link can VIEW
    • OFF - Only you have access
    • Anyone with a link can EDIT

      Note: If you select Anyone with a link can VIEW or Anyone with a link can EDIT, the Share link will appear on the collection's PDF. This lets anyone access your collection without logging in. If you change your setting to Anyone with a link can EDIT, it is possible for someone to click the collection's URL in a PDF and anonymously edit your collection.

  4. Click Google Classroom icon., and then choose the class you want to post the content to.
  5. From the Choose action drop-down, select Create assignment.

    Google Classroom page with Choose Option drop-down.

  6. Click Go. Collections populates the Title and Instructions (if your collection has a description).

    Google Classroom page with options for Title, Instructions, Points, Due date, and Topic.

  7. You can adjust the Points, as well as enter a date Due and Topic (options vary based on selected action).
  8. When you are done, click Assign, Ask, or Post (based on selected action).

    Google Classroom message with View option

You will get a message from Google that you have posted to your class. Click View to see your post on Google Classroom. To open your collection, click the link.

Note: If you prefer, you can share your collection via email or with a collaborator.