Share a Collection with a Collaborator

You can invite colleagues, friends or anyone to view and collaborate on your collections and collection sets. And, you can collaborate on collections that others have shared with you.

When you share your collection with collaborators, any items they add will appear in your collection. As the owner, you can remove the items if you want.

Collaborators can remove themselves from a collection at any time.


  • Any user can share a public collection via email, Google Classroom™, or by copying/pasting a view-only link.
  • If multiple people are collaborating on a collection, Collaborator icon. appears in the collection's header on the Collections homepage and above the collection image when you open the collection.
  • If your collection's visibility is set to Your School, District or Public, you can still share it privately with collaborators. Only the people you ask to collaborate can add items to it.

To send a 'share' invitation:

  1. From the Collections homepage, under the Private tab, select the collection you want to share.
  2. In the collection's header, click Share icon..
  1. Click the People tab.

    Share page with option to add collaborators' email addresses.

  2. Use the drop-down to choose your share level:
    • Can VIEW: Collaborators can only view your collection.
    • Can EDIT: Collaborators can view and edit your collection.
  3. Next to the drop-down, type the email address of the person you want to share your collection with, and then click Invite. The collaborator automatically receives an email invitation to your collection.
  4. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each collaborator you want to invite.

    Note: It is recommended that you enter each collaborator's email address one at a time. If you group multiple email addresses in one invitation, you can only change the share level for the entire group.

  5. Click Done to return to your collection.


  • When you send an email invitation, a status appears below the collaborator's name. It says pending, invited, accepted or declined.
  • Click More Options icon. to change the share level, resend or delete the invite. You can change the share level for each individual collaborator.
  • Return to the Share Collection page to see who accepted or declined your invitation.

To accept or decline a 'share' invitation:

  1. In the email you received, click the link.

    Email message with a link to accept or decline a share invitation

  2. Do one of the following:
    • If you are already logged in to Destiny Discover, a message lets you know that you have been invited to collaborate on a collection.
    • If you are not logged in to Destiny Discover, fill in your information, and then click GO!
  3. On the Collections homepage, click Accept or Decline, depending on your desired action.

    Message to accept or decline an invitation to collaborate.


  • When you accept an invitation to collaborate, the collection appears under your Private tab.
  • If you decline an invitation by accident, you can go back to the email link and accept it.
  • As a collaborator, you can only edit the collection or its items. You do not have share or visibility permissions.
  • You cannot transfer a collection you created to another user. The only way other users can access your collection under their Private tab is to make them collaborators of that collection.

To view a collection's collaborator(s):

  1. From the Collections homepage, select any collection with Collaborator icon. in the collection's header.
  2. In the collection's header, click View Collaborator Names icon.. The name(s) of the collaborator(s) appear.
  3. Click Edit collaborators to view the People tab on the Share Collection page.


  • A collaborator's name is only clickable if you are the owner or collaborator of the collection.
  • If a collaborator has view-only permissions, the View-only icon. icon appears next to their name. If a collaborator has edit permissions, the Edit icon. icon appears.

To remove yourself as a collaborator:

  1. From the Collections homepage, under the Private tab, select the collection you want to remove yourself from.
  2. In the collection's header, click View Collaborator Names icon..
  3. Click Delete icon. next to your name. A message asks you to confirm.

Note: Owners can see when you remove yourself as a collaborator by clicking View Collaborator Names icon. in the collection's header or More Options icon. > Activity.