Upload a document

You can upload documents from Google Drive™ or Microsoft® OneDrive, and add them to your collection.

From the Collections homepage, on the PRIVATE tab, select the collection you want to add a document to, and then click Add Item icon..


  • You have to set up your own Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive account to upload items to your collection. The first time you upload an item, you will get an authentication message from Google or Microsoft.
  • Collections does not set the sharing options for Google or OneDrive documents. You must set your document's sharing permissions in the appropriate platform before you upload it.

To upload a Google Drive document:

  1. Select Upload > Sign in with Google. Your Google Drive picker appears.
  2. Select the file you want to upload, and then click Select.

    Google Drive picker.

    Note: If you want to select a file from one of your folders, click the Google Drive tab. You cannot create Google Drive folders in Collections – they have to already exist.

    Google Drive picker with file options from Google Drive.

    The Title and Type automatically appear in the fields.

    Note: These fields are editable.

    Add Item pop-up with Upload tab and Add File button highlighted.

  3. Enter a Description and Tags for the item, if desired.


    • Adding tags to an item lets you filter your search results for a specific resource. For example, add the tag planet to find this document when you search for items related to planet.
    • Clicking a tag in an item automatically searches Destiny Discover for other resources on that topic.
    • Selecting the For Instructor Use Only checkbox (requires the appropriate instructor permissions) hides the resource from student view.
  4. Click Add File. The item appears in your collection.

To upload a OneDrive document:

  1. Select Upload > OneDrive. Your OneDrive picker appears.
  2. Select the file you want to upload, and then click Open.

    Microsoft OneDrive picker.

  3. Follow steps 3–4 in the "To upload a Google Drive document" section.