View an Item

When you add an item from Destiny Discover®, the internet, Google Drive™, or Microsoft® OneDrive, it automatically appears in your collection. For each item, its title, type, description, tags, and URL (if the item is a weblink) are also auto-populated.

There are three ways to view an item:


  • Scattered view is the default view for all items in a collection.
  • Logged-in users will see items in scattered view, grid view, or list view for every collection until they change views.

To see items in the scattered view:

At the top of the page, click Scattered View icon..


  • When an item is marked "For Instructor Use Only", the For instructor-use-only icon icon appears in the item's header. Only users with instructor roles can see this icon.
  • For private collections, the "Drag and Drop" icon Drag-and-drop icon. also appears in the item's header.

Collection items in the scattered view.

To see items in the grid view:

At the top of the page, click Grid View icon..

Collection items in the grid view.

Click this... If you want to...

Collection item image.

View the associated webpage, document, article, or video.

Note: If the item is a book or eBook, view its details in Destiny Discover.

Item Details icon.

View an item's details. The item appears in a new window.

For instructor-use-only icon. Hides the item from student view (requires the appropriate instructor permissions).

Drag-and-drop icon.

Drag and drop the item to custom sort your collection. (Only collection owners can drag and drop items.)

More Options icon.

Edit, change position, move, copy, or delete the item. Select the desired action from the menu.

To see items in the list view:

  1. At the top of the page, click List View icon.. Items appear in individual rows.
  1. See the table above for a description of the icons.

    Collection item in the list view.

    You can also view an item on its own page.

    Collection item on its own page.

    Click this...If you want to...

    Collection item image.

    Same as above.

    Tag icon.

    Automatically search Destiny Discover  for other resources on that topic.

    Back icon. or Next icon.

    Go to the previous or next item in a collection.

    Exit icon.

    Return to the collection.

    For instructor-use-only icon.

    Same as above.

    Same as above.